Our Work

Bathroom Revamp

A customer contacted us with complaints of dampness under their shower and bath, caused by poor ventilation leading to mould growth. They wanted to address the issue and redesign their bathroom to include a bath and a large walk-in shower. However, the existing room layout posed a challenge as there was a large hot water cylinder cupboard taking up space. Upon closer inspection, we proposed moving the cylinder up to the loft, creating more space and a better layout. We removed the cupboard, installed new floors, and tiled throughout the bathroom. The end result was truly impressive.

 Alternative Heat Source

A customer desired more heat in their static home but faced limitations in installing a wood burner. They desired the aesthetic of a wood burner but required a different heat source. We found a gas fire that closely resembled a wood burner and could provide the additional heat they desired. The gas fire was controlled through a remote, and we ensured compliance with gas-safe regulations by fitting a vertical flue.

Underfloor Heating

A customer approached HES with concerns about their garden room always being cold and sought advice on improving the heating. During the inspection, we discovered that they had lifted the downstairs flooring in preparation for the new installation. We suggested laying underfloor heating in the room, with the heating pipes placed on top of insulation between the joists and connected to an underfloor manifold. Since the boiler was conveniently located in the adjacent room, running the necessary pipes became a straightforward task. We covered the underfloor heating pipes with a sand and cement screed, followed by the installation of new chipboard flooring, ensuring excellent heating for the room.

Upgrading the Outdated

HES received a complaint regarding a malfunctioning old conventional boiler. It became apparent that the heating system was outdated and poorly maintained. Given the severe leaks in the boiler, we recommended upgrading the entire heating system with a new condensing boiler. Additionally, we suggested upgrading the radiator valves and performing a thorough power flush (chemical clean) to optimise the performance of the new boiler. To maintain system cleanliness and extend the warranty, we installed a new filter. The customer was highly satisfied with the improved speed of heat delivery, hot water supply, and the resulting cost savings on gas bills due to the boiler’s modulating capabilities with the integrated weather compensation feature.